Teen Thursday✨

Woohoo, it’s time for Teen Book Thursday! Every Thursday I will be posting a different Young Adult Fiction book. This is either a book with a lot of hype, something I am wanting to add to my shelf, a previous book I loved, or something that is already on my TBR shelf.

As far as what books, series, or genres are qualified for my Teen Book Thursday posts. Anything that is Young Adult Fiction is game. It will be something I’ve had my eye on, researched heavily, know is good, or have been intrigued by for a while. This is where I get to talk about a single book or series each week and figure out your thoughts on them too! 🙂

Every Thursday at some point the post will be uploaded. Eventually I will have a strict time schedule coming up, so stay tuned for that! Until then unless otherwise stated, it will be posted on Thursdays.