Marvelous Bookie Club January 2020


Our pick for our first ever book of the month is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor! This has been a read that I should’ve gotten to long ago… Do I have any excuses why I haven’t read it yet? Nope.

I am very excited to read this and I am sure it will be a high star scorer with me. It hits all the high points plot description wise and has gotten rave reviews from people I trust. So now is as good a time as ever to get to it! 🙂

We will be having a BOTM every month that anyone can just join in and read. That way we are inclusive to everyone that wants to join us on our journey through the world of books.


Our first ever Extra BOTM choice will be Lock Every Door by Riley Rager! The Extra BOTM is just that, it’s an extra book choice. This is for people who either aren’t interested in the BOTM choice, have already read the BOTM, a space for continuing our series journey so we can read them close together, etc. This one will either be a series continuation we have previously started, a thriller, a standalone, a classic, etc.

It could really be anything, but it probably won’t be as inclusive as our BOTM is that anyone can just jump in and read it with us.

This is because if we start a series with our BOTM I want to be able to continue that series with our club readers. I am a person who forgets really easily, so it will be nice to get to have not only motivation to actually finish the series I start but I want to remember them as well!

Starts January 2, 2020 – Ends January 31, 2020 for both books

  • Discussion #1: January 9th Chapters 1-16 (STD) & Chapters 1-14 (LED)
  • Discussion #2: January 16th Chapters 17-32 (STD) & Chapters 15-28 (LED)
  • Discussion #3: January 23rd Chapters 33-46 (STD) & Chapters 29-43 (LED)
  • Discussion #4: January 30th Chapters 47-67 (STD) & Chapters 44-56 (LED)
Where to Find my Club!
Discord Link

These are the links to my Book Club I have so far! Eventually I will be adding in Twitter too.

On Discord due to the formatting, we have Spoiler-Free only chats about the books of the month.

On Facebook I have created individual discussion events for us so we can chat SPOILERS and really dive deep into what we think so far! I recommend joining us on both if you are interested in connecting with other bookies!

The Facebook page is what you should go to if you are really wanting in depth discussions and aren’t wanting to censor yourself spoiler wise.

The day is approaching fast so I hope to see you guys in our chat and even if you have already read the books in question, feel free to join in and chat with us! The more the merrier! 🙂

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