About Me, Rating Scale, & Review Policy

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My name is Heather AKA Marvelous Bookish Tomes. A mom, wife, book lover, bookstagrammer, animal lover, SLE Lupus, Disability, & Diversity Advocate, Keto maniac, and a very motivated Slytherin.🐍

I have a loving husband and a wonderful 11 year old son! I am very blessed to have all the love and support in my life.❤️

I love animals, photography, the great outdoors, journaling, Netflix, and of course books!📚

I am now 30 years old and with my son getting older and my health always an issue, now is the best time to pursue my dreams!

My dreams are pretty simple. Happy, healthy, and loved. Also, having a successful blog and book reading hobby too!👍

I changed my rating scale as of August 2019. I have also revamped everything on here and my other platforms.

5⭐ – Perfect IMO; Little to no unforgettable flaws

4⭐ – Great; A few unforgettable flaws, but still amazing read.

3⭐ – Good; Several unforgettable flaws, average read.

2⭐ – Meh/DNF; This is if I couldn’t get through the book or too many unforgettable flaws.

✨I don’t give less than 2⭐ anymore, because if you were able to write a novel you deserve at least that in my opinion. Even if I didn’t mesh with it, that’s still impressive and good on you!

  • I am currently accepting paperback & hardcover ARCs or finished copies of books for review or promotion.
  • Adult genres accepted include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror
  • Young Adult genres accepted include Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Thriller, Horror
  • I reserve the right to take as long as I need to review. I have a detailed reviewing process and I am busy with my current schedule, so it may take me a while. Promotions (Blog, IG, Twitter, FB) can happen generally a lot faster than reviews with my current situation.
  • Also, if I feel I for any reason can’t provide a solid review I reserve the right to not post a review on the blog or social media at the benefit of the publisher.